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VT Roof Rack for Chevy Express , GMC Express / Savana

The H2.1 is the lighter – but just as rigid – iteration of Vantech’s original H2 system with increased usability and ease of install, while reducing the weight of the entire system by 20%. Vantech did this by reinforcing pressure points and joints while reducing the material needed in non-weight-bearing areas. They also increased modularity by adding more crossbar mounting holes at shorter intervals so you can decide where and how many crossbars to use. This will allow users to compensate for solar panels, roof vents, etc. Vantech has also designed a series of front and rear end accessories that allow users to tailor our system to their individual needs.

Configuration Options

  • The DD configuration utilizes a 40 degree angled faceplate for both the front and rear end. The angled front faceplate acts as a wind foil, and reduces drag as well as wind noise when traveling. It also channels air over and around any low profile cargo like ladders and folding tents. The rear angled faceplate reduces drag and wind noise by allowing air to pass over and around it in a smoother fashion. It should be noted that both the front and rear end can be installed upside down in order to turn the entire system into a large roof basket.
  • The EB configuration is ideal for hauling larger and longer cargo. The ‘E’ front end acts as an extension to the overall system by adding an extra cross bar up front. This crossbar adds an extra 19.5 inches of space to the H2.1 system, and allows for fog lights and other clamp-mounted accessories to be seamlessly integrated to the system.The ‘B’ roller on the rear allows for easy loading and unloading. It also protects your roof line and any high mounted brake lights or reflectors from accidental loading/unloading damage
  • The FD configuration allows for the integration of fog lights without compromising cargo space. The ‘F’ front end extends the system by 19.5 inches, as well as adds a lower bar to mount accessories to. There is an 8 inch space between the bottom and top rail of the ‘F’ piece, which allows for a variety of fog lights and lightbars to be mounted. The top rail of the ‘F’ piece falls in line with the rest of the cross bars, so laying platforms, cargo or paneling can be done seamlessly. The rear ‘D’ faceplate is angled at 40 degrees to reduce drag and wind noise by allowing air to more easily pass over and around it. Please note that the ‘D’ piece can also be installed upside down to create a basket style rear end for the system. *fog lights NOT included*


WEIGHT 65 lbs
DIMENSIONS 66 × 8 × 9 in

Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 85 × 60 × 48 in
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