Sportscraft® Mercedes Sprinter Van Swivel Seat Base Adapters for Sprinter Van’s , Rv’s or Conversions


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2002-2023 Sportscraft® Sprinter Van Swivel Seat Base Adapters for Sprinter Van’s

NOTE: 2019 Sprinter Van Seat Swivels might not be compatible powered seats!

Call us. We will find a solution for you!

(There is not enough physical clearance to accommodate the powered seat equipment beneath the swivel)


These will fit 2002-2006 & 2007-2022 Sprinter Vans (2500-3500 are the same)

Sportscraft off-center pivot. You don’t have to open the door to swivel!

These swivel kits will raise your seat a little over an inch.

Raises seat height approx. 48mm. May interfere with auxiliary battery under the passenger seat. (5 cyl. models only)

The driver’s side swivel includes the adapter to allow the handbrake to clear seat.


Will I need to cut wires on my Sprinter Van Seat Swivel Adapter?

Very rarely (especially on the 2019) the plugs may be too big to fit through the center hole on the Sprinter Van Seat Swivel Adapter, they would need cut and ran through the hole, and re-soldered by a capable/competent human being. (Certified Technician Recommended)

Have these Sprinter Van  Seat Swivels been crash tested? 

The Sprinter Van Seat Swivels are TUV Certified – and are the only crash-tested seat swivels in Europe that we have found.

Do I have to open my door to get this swivel to work correctly?

The Sprinter Van Seat Swivel Adapters are off-center pivot. You will not have to open the door to swivel!

After installing the Sprinter Van Swivel, will my seat still be able to slide forward and back? 

Yes, your seat will still be able to slide back and forth after you install your Sprinter Seat Swivel adapter. You should not have any problems.

Will I be able to swivel the seat less than 180 degrees?  How many options are there for the amount of swivel with the Sprinter Seat Swivel Adapters?

The Sprinter Van Seat Swivel Adapter has 360-degree rotation, you have the ability to swivel 1-360 degrees.

Which Sprinters are compatible with these Seat Swivel Adapters? 

These Seat Swivel Adapters are compatible with all Sprinter Vans (2002-2023). Choose your Sprinter Van year from the drop-down menu. (2500 & 3500 are the same)

Do these Sprinter Van Seat Swivel Adapters lock while I drive?

The Sprinter Van swivel seats can lock when you are facing forward which should keep you from shifting left to right if you are driving in the vehicle.

What is the warranty associated with the swivels? 

  • Two-year Warranty against factory defects
  • Limited lifetime warranty on rollers and bearings*
    • *Limited lifetime warranty against factory defects and on nylon rollers and center bearings to the original purchaser.

If you have the factory auxiliary battery installation in a 02-06 Sprinter, you will need to shim the seat swivel an additional inch in order to clear the battery (this modification is not recommended). Since the factory battery is a wet cell, it can not be repositioned. With an AGM dry cell battery, you can lay it on its side and eliminate the need to shim the swivel.

These work will most Sprinter front seats, (will not work with suspension seats) and will work with the heated seat option. 

We are unable to accept returns if you have modified, added to, or fabricated the seat swivel or seat swivels to fit your van. If you must do this then contact us to start a conversation. We will not cover any costs associated with the return or replacement, if necessary, without prior authorization given by a manager.

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 5 in

Driver, Passenger

Sprinter Year

2002-2006 / (2500 & 3500), 2007-2018 / (2500 & 3500), 2019+