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Swivel Seat Adapters for

 Ford Transit Connect Vans 

In development, not available.


Past DOT FMVSS 207 Test 

USDOT FMVSS 207 Lab Test Report

According to the TRC Inc. Lab (Cert. U.S. DOT Test Lab) Test Report, these Ford Transit Swivel Seat Adapters survived by a PULL TEST that exerting 34,000 Newtons force (7643.50 Pounds-Force) on the seat. This means the swivels’ results were at least 4 times higher than the U.S. DOT standards. 

T1N Seat Swivel DOT test of safety and durability
Ford Transit Connect Seat Swivel Adapter Testing.



These seat swivel adapters are specifically for the passenger side or driver side of your Ford Transit Connect Vans

.  The center pivot (hole) is offset and is away from the door thus to allow for the Factory or Aftermarket Ford Transit Connect Seat to pivot without opening the door. Swivels rotate on industrial high grade nylon that give the seat swivel adapter and quieter and smoother spinning action.

Driver Side Seat Swivel specifics:

Driver’s side swivel does not include hand brake adapter. Raises seat height approx. 1.45″. May interfere with auxiliary battery under passenger seat. 

These work with most Ford Transit Connect Vans front seats, (will not work with suspension seats) and will work with the heated seat option. Swivels lock securely in the forward facing position.

Transit Connect Seat options:

Swivels include instructions and all hardware needed.

Ford Transit Connect Vans Seat Swivel Adapters Installation Help.

Please note that this item only ships free to Contiguous United States. Does not include Hawaii, Alaska, or the other USA territories.


Does ford transit Connect come with swivel seats?

Generally no, its an upgrade which usually is expensive. This is an inexpensive alternative.

Is this Ford Transit Connect Seat Swivel Adapter going to raise the height of my seat?

The Ford Transit Connect Swivel will raise the height of your seat around 1.47″ (inches) 

Which Ford Transit Connect Vans will these Seat Swivel Adapters be compatible with?

These Ford Transit Connect Seat Swivel Adapters are compatible with all Ford Transit Connect Vans

Do I have to open my door to get this swivel to work correctly?

These AMZ are off set pivot, you wont have to open the door to swivel.

The Sportscraft Transit Connect Seat Swivel Adapters are center pivot. You will have to open the door to swivel!

Do these Ford Transit Connect Van Seat Swivel Adapters lock while I drive?

The Ford Transit swivel seats can lock when you are facing forward which should keep you from shifting left to right if you are driving in the vehicle.

What is the warranty associated with the Ford Transit Connect Seat Swivel Adapters?   

  • Two-year Warranty against factory defects

After installing the Transit Connect Van Swivel, will my seat still be able to slide forward and back? 

Yes, your seat will still be able to slide back and forth after you install your Ford Transit Connect Seat Swivel adapter.

You should not have any problems.

Will I be able to swivel the seat less than 180 degrees?  How many options are there for the amount of swivel with the Ford Transit Connect Seat Swivel Adapters?

The Ford Transit Seat Swivel Adapter has 360-degree rotation, you have the ability to swivel 1-360 degrees.

For the driver’s side – will the Ford Transit Seat Swivel Adapter interfere with the parking brake? 

Sometime it will. You would have to purchase a kit to move it. Click here to see it and purchase it.

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 20 × 3 in

Driver, Passenger