Mercedes Sprinter Van CR Laurence Slider Bunk Windows Left & Right Sides VW1033


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VW1033 CR Laurence Slider Bunk Windows 10″ x 33″ for Mercedes Sprinter Vans

Q: Sprinter Van Window Installation near me?

A:  Sprinter Van Window Installation in the Portland, Oregon area available.

The C R Laurence VW1033 windows are built using powder coated Aluminum frames, with a built in removable fly screen. They are ideal for van conversions where you want a small window in the bed area of the conversion.

Each window comes with an internal fitting frame, to ensure a secure fit.

They also have an EDPM foam seal, removing the need for using sealant in most cases.


  • Universal Non-Contoured Window Excellent for Bunk Bed Ventilation on Any  Van Conversions

  • Flat Glass for Simple and Easy Installation

  • Solar Glass with Powder Coated Black Frame

  • Removable Screen

  • Sizes: 33-7/8″ x 10-7/8″

Do you have windows for both my Mercedes Sprinter van driver side and my passenger side?

Yes. There are versions available for both your driver side and your passenger side.

Why do I need butyl foam tape?

The tape seals the windows. Otherwise, you may have a leaky window.

Does this kit include everything I need to install the window on my Mercedes Sprinter van ?

Hardware wise, yes. You will, most likely, have to cut a hole in the side of your Sprinter to install the window. You require tools for that which are not going to be in the kit. You do get most everything else like butyl foam tape.

Would you say that the windows are tinted enough to provide me privacy?

From a certain distance, yes. It is still possible to peer through the window if the conditions are right but it is difficult to see inside your van in most cases. Please keep in mind that different states have different rules around how much tint you can have on windows. If you are traveling then you may want to research those rules before you go on your trip to avoid trouble.

What is the size and weight of this Mercedes Sprinter van window again?

The window size is 10″ x 33″ and it weighs in the neighborhood of 15 lbs.

So, I can install one Mercedes Sprinter van window on either side of my Mercedes Sprinter van then?

Yes. It is certainly something you can do. Most people only have one and use the other side for a different style window.




Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 40 × 5 in
Window Type

Driver Side, Passenger Side, Pair (Left & Right)