2013-2023 Ford Transit Van VC 2 Inch Lift Kit | Front and Rear 2″ Lift


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Improve the ride quality and stance of your 2013-2023 Ford Transit with the Van Compass Ford Transit

Topo 2.0 front and rear Suspension Package.

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The Topo front and rear lift kit includes:

  • Front 1″ lift coil springs
  • Front camber correction bracket
  • Front sway bar relocation brackets
  • 2″ rear lift block
  • 2″ rear bump stop spacer
  • All necessary hardware

Developed specifically to work around the packaging and front CV shaft constraints presented with the 2020 AWD Transit platform, this kit is compatible with both RWD and AWD Transit models from 2013-present to deliver a true 2.0” of quality suspension lift. This kit fits single and dual rear wheel vans.

The first component is a carefully engineered 1” lift coil, which coil retains the factory spring rate and returns the same plush ride as OEM while sitting 1” higher in the suspension travel for an increased 1” of compression travel. Note, spring lift heights will vary due to weight but we typically see 1.25” of lift out of our Transit springs over the factory springs.

The second critical component of the Topo 2.0 kit addresses one of the downsides to the Ford Transit platform which is the lack of any real camber or caster adjustment built into the front suspension design of the van.  This comes into play when trying to lift the vehicle for more ground clearance and improved ride quality since nearly any amount of lift will put the vehicle out of alignment specs and increase tire wear. An additional hurdle presented with the AWD Transit platform is the extremely short passenger side CV shaft. This CV joint will go into a bind if it is over-extended by more than 1.0” of additional droop over stock.  To remedy the alignment issues as well as not over-extend the passenger side CV shaft on AWD models, we developed a ¾” strut spacer with built in camber and caster correction for the 2.0” of total lift gained when installing the 1.0” lift coils and strut spacer to have a complete front end upgrade that won’t accelerate wear on other critical suspension and steering components such as control arm bushings, tie rod ends and front axle shafts on AWD models. Front sway bar link extensions are included to maintain proper sway bar position.

For optimum ride quality improvement, pair the Topo 2.0 front kit with a Bilstein B6 strut for an additional ¬Ω‚Äù of lift and a great improvement in damping control. The Bilstein strut has the coil spring perch welded onto the strut body at a ¬Ω‚Äù higher height than the factory strut which preloads the coil spring an additional ¬Ω‚Äù for slightly more lift. The one disclaimer we must specify for AWD models is the Bilstein strut shaft is approximately 7/8″ longer than the OEM strut which means at full droop the suspension is at a total of +1-5/8‚Äù of extended downward travel which does put the passenger side CV joint into a bind at droop. We cannot guarantee optimum CV life with this setup and do not recommend running Bilstein struts on AWD vans.

We recommend running a maximum tire size of 265/75R16 with this suspension package.  This tire size will require some trimming of the inner pinch seam, details of which are covered in the instructions for this kit.  With a Bilstein strut, an astounding 12-3/4” of ground clearance is achieved under the center of the front suspension cross member with this tire size.

**NOTE** Tire sizes vary greatly between manufacturers. Trimming of the body will vary because of this and some contact with the suspension subframe is possible at full steering lock with 265/75R16 tires.¬† Additionally, some 265/75R16 tires will require the use of a 3/16″ thick wheel spacer to clear the strut body.¬† If necessary, we offer an AWD specific spacer for this scenario, available for purchase here:¬†

Transit Tire fitment guide:

We’ve prepared this guide to help with tire choices for your van. Generally, the largest compatible diameter and widths are listed, other sizes may fit. Actual size varies by manufacturer, wheel choice, and inflation pressure. Tire size selection will vary by manufacturer and tread pattern, and tires with more aggressive tread or aggressive sidewalls may have more fitment issues. Specific trimming instructions are noted in most of our lift kit’s instructions. All Transits will rub on the front subframe at full lock with a 265/75R16 tire, and most will require a 3/16″ wheel spacer. Van Compass is not responsible for fitment issues. This calculator is one of the best we’ve found, and very helpful for comparisons between different tire sizes. Actual size varies by manufacturer, wheel choice, and inflation pressure. Always consult your tire shop before purchasing wheels or tires.

AWD Wheel Spacer Link 

  • 2013+ Transit Topo Front Kit Installation Instructions:

  • 2013+ Transit Topo Front Kit Installation Instructions (Red Spring):

  • 2013+ Transit Topo Rear Kit Installation Instructions:

Recommended Shop Labor Time: 8 Hours

Van must be professionally aligned after lift kit installation! Adverse tire wear and driving characteristics will result if van is not properly aligned.

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Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in
Van Year

2013-2017 Transit, 2018-present Transit


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