Pro Comp MX6R



What it does: Race inspired and built to take on any situation, these race quality shocks are the competition-proven Pro Comp Shock Absorbers that set new standards of performance and innovation. As a step above the proven MX6 design, the Pro Comp MX6R Shocks are the only monotube reservoir shocks on the market that feature six-way external adjustability. Simply turn the one-piece billet to adjust to your desired setting and these Pro Comp Shock Absorbers will do the rest.

What it has: These Pro Comp Shock Absorbers take the MX6 to the next level. The 2” monotube shock is nitrogen charged to 300 PSI, and boasts an added fluid capacity. Virtually every other part in the Pro Com MX6R Shocks has been upgraded as well, including a 10” anodized aluminum reservoir, a gun drilled 14mm hardened chrome shaft, a 4000 PSI – 6 braided stainless steel hose, a precision 46mm single piece banded monotube piston, and a one-piece anodized billet cap.



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