Pro Comp ES1000



Take your ride to a new level with Pro Comp Suspension ES Series Shocks. When it comes to the features you need, quality you can trust, and excellent overall value, Pro Comp Suspension is moving the industry forward, and the competition can hardly keep up.

  • What it does: Paving the road of innovation in the line of Pro Comp Suspension performance shocks is the Pro Comp ES1000. Designed as a replacement to factory shocks, the Pro Comp ES1000 combines comfort, control, and toughness to create the highest quality product that you’ve come to expect from Pro Comp Shock Absorbers.

    What it has: S-924 shock fluid and a multi-lip, spring tensioned rod seal are used to provide superb seal, and the black poly-vinyl boot shields the 5/8” chrome piston rod from the elements, prolonging the life of these Pro Comp Shock Absorbers. A 1 3/8” nylon banded full displacement piston head and double welded shock mounts round out the Pro Comp ES1000, making it one of the most durable and longest lasting Pro Comp Shock Absorbers regardless of the driving conditions.

    • Factory Replacement These Pro Comp Shock Absorbers are twin tube, straight-can performance shocks that act as a replacement for stock equipment to enhance driving comfort and vehicle control.
    • Ingenious Construction Each Pro Comp ES1000 is meticulously crafted using 1 3/8” full displacement pistons and 5/8” chrome hardened piston rods.
    • Complete Protection Poly-vinyl black shock boots are included with every Pro Comp ES1000 to protect the piston rod from potentially detrimental elements.
    • Pro Comp Suspension Lifetime Guarantee As with all ES series Pro Comp Shock Absorbers, the Pro Comp ES1000 is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturer defects and workmanship.


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