Fiamma Bi-Pot | Portable Toilet 39 | 20L | Part Number 01355-01


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Fiamma Conversion Van Portable Toilet – Bi-Pot 39 – 20L Version – Part Number 01355-01

Bi-pot 39 – dim. 17″x14″x15″ – lower tank capacity 20L

Solid and practical piston pump that guarantees three powerful directional rinse jets.
It can be completely dismantled.

Easy hooking The only one with  sturdy side hooks in stainless steel!

External Air valve Completely external for easy maintenance.

Sturdy collecting tank Seam-free one-piece construction. Absolutely no possibility of leaks.


Is this a portable toilet?

Yes, this is a portable toilet made for your adventures in your Sprinter van. It is built to last and durable.

What can you tell me about how this thing is shipped to you? Is it in a box or something else?

We have not seen in this in the store yet. However, our best guess is that this will be sent to us inside a box. If we find it is sent any other way then we will put it in a box that will be able to withstand the journey from our store to your chosen location.

Is this thing… Self-contained?

Yes. It is a self-contained fresh water flush toilet. It is also portable.

I hope you can dismantle this thing so it can be cleaned.

Yes. You can dismantle this thing and clean it up as much as you need to clean it. It comes part and you can get to places that you probably would not otherwise be able to clean.

So this thing will flush?

That is correct. It does flush.

Does it come with a way to carry it or am I going to have to wrap my arms around this… toilet?

The Bi-Pot comes with a handle that is built to last. You will not have to carry it like a box.

What about the seal for this thing? Am I going to get strange odors?

You should not get any. All the seals are tested before they are ready to be sold to the general public.

What can you tell me about disposing of the materials inside this toilet? I’m a little concerned about it.

There is a large waste cap. You do not need to deal with a drain pipe which makes this easier to empty as you will not get a clog.

What are those plastic clip things on the sides that seem to fasten the top and bottom together? Are those the handles?

They are not the handles. They do connect the upper and lower tanks together so that the whole system remains hygienic and eliminates the possibility of spills.

What is the size of this thing? What am I going to be lugging around with me?

The dimmed weight of this product is 17x14x12.

Does the total capacity only account for the bottom?

Yes, that is correct. You do not want to fill the toilet to the point where the top and bottom is full. You should dispose of the waste before that becomes a possibility.

How much is this thing again?

The price of the Conversion Van Toilet is posted.

Can you tell me the part number again?

The part number you are looking for is 01356-01 which is for the Bi-pot that is 17x14x12. The Bi-Pot also has a total capacity of alot

Why is there no information about the weight?

We, unfortunately, do not have information about the weight in our systems or from the manufacturer. No one else seems to have the information either. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 18 × 17 in