2010-2018 | 2019-2023 Terrawagen Sprinter Snorkel Kit


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2010-2018 | 2019-2023 Terrawagen Mercedes Sprinter Snorkel Kit

First impressions of people that see a snorkel on a vehicle is that the snorkel is designed to allow a vehicle to cross deep water.

Sure, it will help you do that, but it will also draw clean cool air from up high. We recently followed a group of overlanders through Death Valley on some very dusty roads. Our snorkel being up high and out of the dust gave us peace of mind knowing our air filter wouldn’t get chocked up.

Help make your 4×4 Sprinter easily identified as the true off-road machine it is. When folks see the snorkel there is no question, is that a 4×4? why yes it is.

Our snorkel kit comes with all the hardware you’ll need for a clean installation. Fits 2007 – 2018  Sprinters. We recommend turning the intake facing rearwards in heavy snow conditions.

* Fits 2007 – 2018 Sprinter model 906 or fits

907 Sprinter snorkel kit for the 2019-2022 Sprinter. 

Designed using factory Mercedes-Benz CAD, this snorkel will fit and function as intended. By placing the intake high and using our Prefilter, you will help to keep your engine’s air filter dust free.         ( Pre-filter sold separately )

Find the Pre filter here:  PRE-FILTER

A little information about Snorkels:  Many people believe that a snorkel on a vehicle is for fording deep water. Incorrect, the snorkel is for clean air up high.  By moving the intake above, the dust level is decreased. If you add a prefilter, the dust is ejected before it has a chance to reach your engine, keeping your air filter clean.

The kit includes:  a snorkel, a forward facing intake w/ screen, stainless hardware, template,  silicone intake and instructions.  A 4″ hole needs to be cut into the left front fender.

Fits all 2019-2022 Sprinters without aux battery behind the headlight. Please note: this kit will not work if you have batteries under the hood.

Our snorkel is designed for maximum flow without restriction.  Intake connectors are 3.5″ silicone hose, no tight bends means greater flow.

**Does not fit 2023 Sprinter 4 cyl


We also sell a self cleaning Pre-filter for our snorkel. find it here.

Our friends over at Catuned Offroad made this great install video:


Does this snorkel go underwater?

No. It is an air intake snorkel and was not meant to go underwater.


Do I have to go out and buy screws or whatever for this installation?

No. You will get all the hardware you need to install this item as far as the screws and such are concerned.


What years does this thing fit?

Terrawagen told us that this air snorkel fits 2010 to 2018 Mercedes Sprinter vans.

Are there other names I might be able to find this thing under?

The Terrawagen Sprinter Snorkel Kit is also known as:

An air intake snorkel or a vehicle snorkel.

Why is the filter so high in the air?

The height is to make sure that you are receiving air that is as clean as possible. If you are driving down an area with a lot of swirling sand or dirt then you will want to draw out clean air from as high as possible to minimize the particles in your air intake.

Is the snorkel so I can breathe or is it for my vehicle?

The snorkel helps your Sprinter function better.

Is snow going to build up in this thing?

Terrawagen actually recommends that you turn your snorkel intake to face toward the rear of your vehicle if you encounter heavy snow.

What exactly is an air intake snorkel?

A snorkel is a device often used on an overland vehicle that moves the engine’s air intake from under the hood to a position at roof height. The device is connected to the engine’s intake with a coupler and ran out of the engine compartment through a hole in the fender.

Why do people use snorkels?

The use that people often associate with a snorkel on a vehicle is preventing water from entering the engine. People also use snorkels in order to provide the motor with cleaner air. By raising the position of the air intake to an elevated position, a snorkel helps to prevent high density dust kicked up by the wheels from entering the air system.


Not confirmed to fit 2019 model

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 18 × 10 in
Sprinter Year

NCV3 2007-2018, VS30 2019-2024