2002-2006 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Timbren Front Suspension Enhancement System


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 Front Suspension System from Timbren for

2002-2006 2500 & 3500 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Conversion

Wait, so this system is for the front of my Sprinter instead of the back?

Yes. You are correct. The system is made to add greater stability to the front of your vehicle. There are many other systems to add stability to the back of your machine but there are only a few made for the front and this is one of them.

What kind of capacity are we talking about here for the suspension system anyway? It all doesn’t mean much if it actually can’t handle much weight.

We were told by Timbren that this will hold up to 1,000 lbs.

Is it going to increase my ability to carry weight then? If so, then I’m super excited and I want this now.

Unfortunately, it does not increase your ability to haul more weight. It only makes the weight you already can transport less likely to shift around. It also makes the trip much smoother due to the stability of the suspension system.

Front suspension system for a Sprinter van.

So, I could, theoretically, add like a plow on the front of my vehicle and this would help me?

Yes. You can definitely use this front suspension system for your Sprinter if you choose to do something like that with your vehicle.

What kinds of Sprinters does it fit?

It will fit 2007 and older Sprinter vans that are 2500 models.

Ok, well, I’ve heard of those rear tire suspension systems. Is this supposed to be like those but for my front end?

Yes. They are designed to provide a similar experience to those suspension systems. You will get a smoother ride that will be better able to handle the rigors and bumps of the road.

It replaces my current suspension system then? I can get this and get rid of my older suspension system, right?

No. It is made to work in concert with your current rear suspension system.

Install diagrams of front Sprinter suspension system from Timbren

I’m worried about roll. Is this going to help me with that problem?

Yes. The system is designed to help you deal with roll instability that you might be experiencing now.

So, how is this thing going to work with my leaf springs?

The system will allow the leaf springs to move and do their job while helping absorb road conditions as well.

Is this thing going to get really stiff if I’m riding around with my Sprinter empty?

We were told that it will not affect this at all. You should not notice any problems at all.

The suspension system comes into play when I actually have a load when I need the help then?

Correct. It will become more rigid in response to help out which increases your stability when under heavier loads or stresses. You do not want your Sprinter to sag and this front suspension does a lot to avoid this problem.

Am I going to have to drill into my Sprinter in order to install this?

No. The installation does not require a drill.

The product here, it was built specifically for a Sprinter? Is it something that is coming off another vehicle and made to fit my Sprinter?

We were told that the kit has Sprinter specific brackets which means that you will not have to augment or change anything to get it to work on your van.

What are those black bouncy looking cylinder things anyway?

We were told that these are two aeon hollow rubber springs.

What about my axle bump stops? What happens to them?

They get replaced.

front Sprinter suspension system

We are talking about sag and I think you mean sag to the front of the vehicle. If that is true then wouldn’t the sag affect my ability to turn and stay on the road. I mean, like, have meaningful traction I can trust?

Correct, this is why you want a little bit of firmness so that your Sprinter stays level. You can drive on the road at the appropriate angle which the manufacturer intended for your vehicle.

The back suspension helps with this too, right?

Yes. It is beneficial for you to have both a front and rear suspension system to help level out your driving and to deal with other unexpected problems like bumps.

Sprinter front suspension system

What can you tell me about these custom made brackets for my Sprinter?

The brackets are made to go where your front axle is located. They are bolted into the rail. The rubber springs get bolted to the brackets on the bottom. The bottom of the spring has to touch the axle. It is this that gives your Sprinter increased ability to handle turns, bumps, and whatever else may come. It works with your current suspension system.

Animation of a sprinter front suspension rubber spring

If there is a bump then how does this suspension system do it’s job?

If you encounter a bump then the hollow rubber springs get pressed together. They return to the original shape once you are coming off the bump which means that your Sprinter stays level because the force is absorbed by your two suspension systems. You take less of the impact of the bump because of the extension and retraction of the springs as you move through the obstacle.

How does that help me in a turn? I don’t get it.

The springs are able to work asymmetrically of each other, that is to say, they work independently of each other, therefore, when you enter a turn they can compress and return to the shape needed without affecting the other side. Basically, one side can adjust to the stresses of the road and give you the correct amount of support to make sure that you are staying level through the turn as much as possible.

Again, if I front-load my van with something like a plow for snow or something then this suspension system should help level it out? I know that I have problems doing this sometimes because my headlights point too far down for me to see.

The suspension system will adjust to the weight and will help you get your headlights pointed where you want them. If your plow is unevenly weighted to one side or the other then the suspension system will adjust. If you happen to use an extension with your plow then the suspension will also help in this situation. The limiting factor will be the 1000 lbs capacity of the suspension system and the truth is that there are not many people who own a plow that weighs that much.

How easy are these to install?

We were told these are actually easier to install than air springs.

What is the spring thing made up of?

The rubber springs are made up of rubber which is much more elastic than other types made of urethane. A benefit to you because there is more potential for the rubber to travel which means you absorb less of the shock because the rubber is capable of absorbing more shock itself. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Timbren Front Suspension Enhancement System

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