2023 Ford Transit Amp Research Powersteps Installation Instructions

You will receive a BV45-v2 Module (or other 3 available),

and an Amp Research —

AMP-76260-01A Powerstep Kit (2020-2021 Ford Transit Amp Powerstep)

The only difference from the installation instructions

is instead of wiring the blue/white wire to your Transit Van on page 18, is that you wire the blue/white wire to the blue/white wire of the 45B-Module and Plug it into the Module in your Van shown below, and where the red circle is circled BELOW

Click here for the downloadable instructions

Do you have a big touch screen stereo?

Plug into the center module behind the screen.

Others will be below it.

Is your driver side, and passenger side deploying at opposite times. Does your passenger side go out when the door is closed, and retract in when the door is open, but the driver side does the opposite/but correctly?