2022-2024 Mercedes Sprinter Van NWO Electric Running Board Powerstepz Installation Instructions

Will fit on 2019-2021 Mercedes Sprinter as well. Not the 2018 NCV3

Please read the Installation Manual carefully beforehand; Pay attention to protect the surface of the
vehicle during installation to avoid scratches.

  1. Please regularly check whether all accessories connected to the step and the car are well connected to
    ensure safe use.
  2. Please strictly follow the wiring diagram in installation manual.
  3. The ECU of the ELC Side Step must be placed inside the vehicle.
  4. The white motor wire plug that is opposite to the main wiring harness must be placed inside the car.
  5. Please apply provided sealant on places where the wiring harness passing through the threading hole
    of the chassis for waterproof.
  6. When wiring and installing, please make sure to avoid high-heat components such as the engine
    casing and exhaust pipe.
  7. When connecting the signal line, be sure to avoid short circuit of two lines or short circuit with the car
    body. Be sure to use the clamps provided by the manufacturer.
  8. Check whether the product to be installed is in good condition and whether the accessories are